Sorry for the delay in Blog announcements, we’ve been heads down improving windmill for many many months and let the blogging slip through the cracks a bit.

The 0.4.5 is a big release, we’ve gotten a lot of bug fixes and features in the releases since 0.3.

Here is a list of new features (the bugfixes are too numerous to list):

  • Moved Firefox launching to the mozrunner library (features of mozrunner are extension installation and granular pref setting among others)
  • IDE enhancements for IE 6/7, settings, load speed and user experience
  • Full XPath support in IE 6/7
  • Much improved logic for sleeping, and waiting on lower bandwidth connections
  • Enhancement to the DOM lookup functionality, and addition of locators
  • Enhanced playback experience
  • Support logic to enable differing
  • Improved testing against social network inner applications
  • Better support for testing iframes
  • Enhanced controller functionality
  • Enhanced control loop, better throttling for call to service

You can upgrade using

easy_install -U windmill

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