Today we released Windmill 0.8.0, we are jumping the release number from 0.4.5 to 0.8.0 because the project has now reached a level of maturity that one usually expects on a 1.0 approach. The recent attention Windmill has been receiving in development and community has been very encouraging and we are very excited about the next steps for the project.

Release 0.8.0 is a milestone signifying that we have met the majority of our goals that we had set over a year ago, and are now moving our focus to refining features and taking on the important challenges to become the best tool out there for cross browser test automation.

Here is a list of new features:

  • Addition of long awaited OOTB drag and drop functionality in the IDE
  • Addition of animated mouse cursor movement, and mouse move simulation
  • IDE user experience improvements mostly effecting IE, and event firing.
  • Significantly improved unit tests

It is also important to note that we have just submitted our proposal to join the Apache Incubator, championed by Ted Leung. You can view the proposal yourself at We are excited about the possibilities here and will keep you updated on progress.

You can upgrade using:

easy_install -U windmill

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