Open Source Applications

Windmill Testing Framework

Automated testing for your web site.

Windmill is a web testing tool designed to let you painlessly automate and debug your web application.

Originating at the Open Source Applications Foundation Windmill was built to help QA keep up with the rapid release cycles of the Chandler Server Web UI (Cosmo) project. As the Cosmo client is heavy in JavaScript and AJAX functionality, Windmill makes the communication between the service and the client code a priority.

Windmill Test Framework

Cross-browser test recorder

Record, edit, playback and interact with your tests from one simple interface. Also checkout the DOM Explorer, Assertion Explorer and fully integrated Firebug-Lite.

Interactive service shell

Interact with the browser and the windmill service from a python shell, install ipython and automatically get an even more usable shell.

Malleable proxy API

Define rules for the Windmill proxy to follow, block those ad services or see what happens if your static content server goes down!

JavaScript test integration

Run your tests faster, write them in JavaScript! Also provides the complete set of JSUnit functions.

Windmill Controller

Click, type, sleep, assert, pretty much anything you can think of doing to your web page is available as a windmill controller method.