Open Source Applications

Windmill Testing Framework

Automated testing for your web site.

Windmill is a web testing tool designed to let you painlessly automate and debug your web application.

Originating at the Open Source Applications Foundation Windmill was built to help QA keep up with the rapid release cycles of the Chandler Server Web UI (Cosmo) project. As the Cosmo client is heavy in JavaScript and AJAX functionality, Windmill makes the communication between the service and the client code a priority.

Windmill Test Framework

Cross-browser test recorder

Record, edit, playback, and interact with your tests from one simple interface. Also check out the DOM Explorer, Assertion Explorer, and fully integrated Firebug-Lite for any website.

Interactive service shell

Interact with the browser and the windmill service from a python shell, install iPython and automatically get an even more usable shell.

Malleable proxy API

Define rules for the Windmill proxy to follow, block those ad services or see what happens if your static content server goes down!

JavaScript test integration

Run your tests faster, write them in JavaScript! Also provides the complete set of JSUnit functions.

Windmill Controller

Click, type, sleep, assert, pretty much anything you can think of doing to your web page is available as a windmill controller method.

What software are we developing?

iOS Mobile Applications

Spy software for iPhones is a type of computer program that monitors people’s internet activity. They can be used by employers or spouses who want to monitor their partners’ use, for instance; the software may also come with parental controls so you don’t have to view explicit material on your child’s device without knowing about it first! In addition, the program provides protection against various programs that steal your data and recommends the portal “Casinos that accept 5 dollar deposits“, where only legal and honest online casinos in Canada from Jeff Vertes are located.

Spy apps are available through Apple’s App Store but they might not always be what you’re looking for if there could lead down an inappropriate path like surreptitious text messages between married couples – or worse yet- monitoring employees at work via audio recordings made during private conversations where no permission was granted.

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Crypto Software

Our partner’s team developed a crypto wallet where you can buy Monero, Bitcoin, ETH, and 51 major cryptocurrencies

The most advanced technology for storing your digital assets is now available on the market. A safe way of managing them all in one place with greater security than ever before!

Software wallet development was a process that involved several steps. We started first by selecting the most promising technology to use, then we made sure it was scalable and flexible enough for future changes or enhancements. After finalizing how our team would build this product from scratch, we began writing the codebase in January 2018 after months of planning out every single tiny detail.

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Slot games

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New Testing Framework

A new testing framework was developed to check sports betting software for and we are excited about the results! Our team of our engineers did their best to solve all issues while staying true and committed to the client’s web development requirements.

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Quality Test Framework

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Belgium Project

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