It’s been a fun week, and we fixed a lot of bugs. Somehow some features made it in too.

We shipped 5 bug fix releases this week, putting us at a current release of 0.3.5, available in the cheeseshop.

Please, everyone;

easy_install -U windmill

Some of the changes are;

  • wxUI fixes for new load and run methods.
  • Various fixes in load_test.
  • New option to load single json file bypassing dependency framework.
  • Command line option for extensions directory.
  • Fixes in the “type” command. We now simulate keypress actions for each character, allowing closer simulation of a real user and fixing some more advanced use cases.
  • Better firebug debugging available.
  • Huge fixes to js framework.
  • Fix in “runserver” so that it doesn’t immediately exit if you don’t pass it tests
  • More IDE debug options, throwing errors instead of just logging them in certain cases.
  • Fleegix.js debugging is turned on by default.
  • Added Back, Forward, and Refresh simulation to windmill API
  • Added mouseover and mouseout to windmill API, contribution by Robert Leftwich

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