Our third major release of windmill is out the door. The primary focus of this release was tackling the larger framework related issues and features for Python and JSON tests. Usage of windmill has been steadily increasing and we saw the need for a more feature rich collection, dependency and setup/teardown system for Python and JSON tests, and the ability to mix and mash Python and JSON tests.

These changes meant we deprecated almost all the old test running command line and shell options. Now there is a more unified function that takes a directory or file in Python or JSON format. The test running documentation has been updated for the newest version of windmill and should get you one your way. It also spends some time talking about windmills setup/teardown and dependency system built using functest.

There is also a fair amount of IDE bugfixes and improvements:

  • Recording interaction with checkboxes
  • Clearing up any confusing about available options associated with actions
  • Changing the alert overiding functionality to be applied to a session
  • Notification and state reporting fixes
  • Playback and Stop Playback state fixes
  • New functionality for flexible JSID’s, appending and prepending
  • Convenience variables for cleaner test writing
  • Safari 3 specific window load logic
  • New assert functions including asserts.assertJS
  • “Hitting enter” bug in actions forms
  • Allow XPath override for recording

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