We decided a while ago that it would be best to move the windmill project off of OSAF’s infrastructure.

The decision was much easier to come to than the actual execution of the move. I had assumed that the difficult things to migrate would be Trac and that the subversion migration would go by fairly smoothly, I was mistaken. The Trac migration turned out to be much easier than expected, and the subversion migration took hours of fighting with the new server (the culprit ended up being a /usr/local/bin/svnserve hiding out that svn+ssh liked to use instead of /usr/bin/svnserve causing version mismatch problems).

The new hosting is distributed between a personal server of mine ( Trac, subversion, Tutorial) and some hosting that Adam Christian has setup (www.getwindmill.com w/ new Blog) with all the email lists moving to Google Groups.

At the end of the day we have a whole lot of great new infrastructure. The new blog is a great, it’s a WordPress install with a lot more features than we previously had and new video tutorials. The svn checkin emails are nicer because it’s a newer package. Google Groups is much nicer than MailMan. The subversion server is significantly newer and on the same box as the Trac install which cleaned up the one revision number mismatch we previously had do to using an svk mirror. And we have Google Analytics setup for all the new sites which is going to keep us abreast of articles and events that send new people to the project.

This is getting us all even more excited about the upcoming windmill work and Adam is getting ready to go out promoting windmill more aggressively than it’s ever been pushed before.

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