Today we released Windmill 0.8.2 which includes some important bug fixes, and very exciting feature work.

Features include:

  • Addition of firebug lite support in IDE and Testing Application
  • Fully functional wxWindmill contrib application
  • Enhanced ‘smart’ recorder
  • Auto element scroll into view to more closely simulate users

Bug Fixes include:

  • Windmill defaulting to timeout for starting service loop
  • Many others, view the timeline

We feel 0.8.2 is a very stable and useable release so we are going to begin our effort to get the word out about the project. To aid in this effort we now have a Windmill Twitter Feed to keep you up to date on new releases, events, blog announcements etc.

To start using wxWindmill, please refer to the wxWindmill Wiki Page

sudo easy_install -U windmill

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