We are another step closer to 1.0, if you have been watching the mailing lists or the trac timeline you already know that we have had some serious bug fixes over the past couple weeks as well as one new feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Major fixes and updates for the Windmill Unit Tests
  • IE fixes for: Drag and Drop, Click, UI usability, Non Compress deps broken
  • JS Test Framework bug fixes, JUM assertions, unit tests,
  • Improved XPath Generation and bug fixes


  • Full support for launching and killing Google Chrome on Windows (requires Python 2.6)

We really appreciate all the bug reports and emails from you all, thanks for your patience as we try to squash all the bugs.

An additional encouraging note is that we got some great PR this week, which can be found here: Windmill Article in the SDTimes.

Happy testing.

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