A few months ago I did a re-write of the DOM access functionality used by Windmill and various other projects of mine and the result was a wrapper around ElementsLib called lookupNode. I use this all over internally but until today didn’t realize that it could be hugely helpful for test developers and people trying to debug their applications.

The following list are the different options you have for looking up your node:

  • link
  • xpath
  • id
  • name
  • value
  • classname
  • tagname
  • label

Keep in mind that we iterate all iframes we can access in the window if the node isn’t found in the page document. lookupNode takes an object, like so:

var myNode = lookupNode({id:'myNodeId'});

The very interesting use case we had today was the need to access and parse data from a link on a page in a Python test, I believe the final result looked something like the following:

url = client.commands.execJS(code="lookupNode({link:'Link Text'}).href")["result"]
#url parsing in python goes here into needed_value
client.asserts.assertValue({id:'mycheckbox', validator=needed_value})

lookupNode in Action

I hope someone finds this useful, the abstracted standalone ElementsLib for the content space can be found here!

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