At the top of the playlist, just below the playlist title, is a button that says “Enhance.” Turn that off by pressing it to stop recommended songs. Users need to ignore the like button to stop playing the same old songs, and instead, they can create their playlist, which is an easy task on Spotify. This allows users to prevent the app from playing the songs in repeat mode.

Premium users in some markets will soon see an “improve” button at the top of every playlist. When you turn it on, Spotify adds every two tracks to the list and up to 30 in total to the list. If you like the recommendation, simply tap the plus button to keep it in your playlist permanently. The feature is designed to add suggestions that match songs you already have in the playlist.

Because you can meet their requirements and that way you can turn off the suggested songs on Spotify. There is a feature in this app that if you only have 15 music in your playlist, Spotify automatically adds more music to your playlist, encouraging you to listen to more songs and spend more time on this app. If you want to stop song suggestions on Spotify, you’ll need to add more songs to your playlist. Users need to create each playlist with a unique name so they just have to crosstalk the name of the playlist they want to mix and get the device to play the favorite playlist of the songs in Spotify.

The search engine can help to find the songs of different genres or different languages that are indicated by artist names. The thread on Reddit is a particular criticism about how Spotify groups the same songs into huge playlists or repeats what I’ve come across — especially when mixing these playlists on smart speakers. If you’re using Spotify’s desktop app and you’re having such an issue, such as seeing auto-suggest songs and want to turn off auto-suggest songs, open Spotify on your desktop. If you really want to add more favorite music to your Spotify playlist, you can do so in just a few seconds by swiping left on each song to select the heart icon.

By default, Spotify creates playlists in chronological order, with the songs you added first at the top. If you want to add the songs to your likes and favorites playlist, you can do so very quickly by swiping left on each song to select the heart icon and add it to your playlist. Users visit this app to listen to their favorite songs, but sometimes they get irritated when they can’t get their favorite songs and eventually decide to turn off the suggestions. If you’re one and you’re looking for a solution to turn off the suggested songs on Spotify, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to turn off the suggested songs on Spotify. This is a unique feature that allows smart devices like Alexa or Google Home devices to play users’ favorite songs without a repeat mode. I’ve continued to use this playlist to add songs from different genres that I like while creating more genre-specific playlists. The work I’ve found is to press the “Repeat All” button, then only the songs in my playlist will play.