I’ve created a playlist of about ten songs that I want to send to some of my friends, but songs are added to the playlist without my permission. After you’ve added more songs to your playlist, go back to the library and open the playlist where you added all your songs. You’ll list fifteen of your songs and Spotify shouldn’t be checked to add additional tracks to your playlist. If you want to download songs legally, there are tons of other official sources of free music that you can download, including Amazon, Google Play, and Last. All new users aren’t well versed in their interface in terms of creating playlists, adding favorite songs, and other activities.

As a free user, you can’t download music from Spotify like the Premium or Family subscribers. This setting automatically adds similar songs to a playlist.. If you’ve created a personal playlist that wasn’t originally created by Spotify, songs aren’t automatically added to your playlists. After trying hard to prevent Spotify from automatically adding songs, try tinkering with some settings between your desktop and mobile devices.

If it does, switch it off and the automatically added songs should be removed from the playlist. With regard to your playlist on your phone, check that the Enhance option is not turned on. I’ll export my playlists and get the MP3s and do it old-school so you won’t keep my spirits up on bad days. If you want to stop song suggestions on Spotify, you’ll need to add more songs to your playlist.

How to stop spotify from adding songs?

If you really want to add more favorite music to your Spotify playlist, you can do so in just a few seconds by swiping left on each song to select the heart icon.

How can you prevent Spotify from automatically adding songs?

I’ve had the paid version for about three years and Spotify has recently (within the last 7 or 8 months) added entire playlists to my account (which also takes up space on my device), and every time I delete one, a different one appears. When you use Spotify’s smartphone app and encounter such an issue, you see auto-suggestion songs and want to turn them off.. You’ve noticed that whenever you open the Spotify app, the suggested songs automatically appear in the free app, which is why the number of games and shares is increased. You need to go to your Spotify app on your PC and log in. Once logged in, all you have to do is go to the home page and scroll your cursor until you see the Auto Play option.

I’ve tried looking at other issues related to this problem, but none of the suggested solutions apply to me. Some threads have said something like this: If a playlist is too short or doesn’t offer enough variety, new songs are added, which is not true for me because every single song in that playlist is from a different artist. You should really rethink this feature — any new changes among others (there’s a list) keep me from getting a Spotify subscription (I’ve also seen the updates you add to premium accounts — really annoying how many changes you’re making) and this pushing songs on a free account is actually more annoying than useful. It also automatically adds some songs to their Spotify playlists, and you wonder why and how this happens, and how you can prevent these types of issues.

How do I get Spotify to stop adding songs?

Sakshi is a Terpsichorean (dances out all her stress), she has always had a keen interest in writing creative content since her school days. In short, if you have playlists where Spotify automatically adds random songs to your playlist, all you need to do is add more of your favorite songs to the playlist until you have at least 15 of them.. It also allows users to create custom playlists where you can add as many songs as you want.. Spotify says: “There should be at least 15 songs in your playlist, otherwise they’ll add more tracks to make it 15. Sakshi is a Terpsichorean (dances out all her stress), she has always had a keen interest in writing creative content since her school days.

Spotify says: “Your playlist should have at least 15 songs, otherwise they’ll add more tracks to get 15. If you’re having trouble with the recommended songs, start a new thread about them here in the relevant help section and we’ll help you out. Now that you have 15 songs in your playlist, you’ll notice that the playlist’s “We’ve Added” section has disappeared when you reopen the playlist.

How can you prevent Spotify from adding songs to the queue?

If ads annoy you, you can always subscribe to Spotify Premium to get ad-free and improve playback quality. You’ll need to add songs or podcasts to your queue again, or start playing a new song or album to resume playback.. If you use a queue, you’ll find that adding new titles is as easy as removing them from the list.. The setting works globally. So if you turn off Autoplay in the desktop app for connected devices, it will also be turned off in the mobile app when you play on connected devices.

If you’re like most Spotify users, you certainly have certain songs that you listen to more often than others.. You can change the order of your songs by tapping a three-line icon and dropping songs where you want them.. Now you’ve cleared your queue, giving you a great opportunity to find new songs and music instructions. When you open it, you can see the entire list with previously played and future songs, but there is no way to delete all songs.

I have a playlist of ~18 songs that I play before I go to sleep, but when I connect to the echo, the playlist is reshuffled and at least thirty songs are added to the end of the queue. An option to disable autoplay on connected devices will soon be available in the desktop app first and then in the mobile app at a later date.. If it’s the truth about you, it would be a good idea to change the order of the songs so as not to skip other songs when listening to.