Regarding your playlist on your phone, check that the Enhance option is not turned on. This setting automatically adds similar songs to a playlist. If that’s the case, switch it off and the automatically added songs should be removed from the playlist. Welcome to Product Support, a column that helps you get the most out of the gadgets and software you’re already using.

Because you meet their requirements and that way you can turn off the suggested songs on Spotify. I’ve had the paid version for about three years, and Spotify has recently (within the last 7 or 8 months) added entire playlists to my account (which also takes up space on my device), and every time I delete one, another one pops up. To stop adding songs to a playlist, you might need to see what type of account you’re using and then see what features you have. Users visit this app to listen to their favorite songs, but sometimes they get irritated when they can’t get their favorite songs and eventually decide to turn off the suggestions.

I’ve tried looking at other topics about the same problem, but none of the suggested solutions apply to me. If you’re using the Spotify desktop app and you’re having such an issue, such as seeing auto-suggest songs and want to turn off auto-suggest songs, open Spotify on your desktop. If you’ve created a personal playlist that wasn’t originally created by Spotify, songs aren’t automatically added to your playlists. My son stops paying and I’m not going to upgrade because the suggested songs are even more annoying than commercials and autoplay, the songs they add in the middle of the playlist will NOT stop.

You might find that using Save Songs to Listen Offline can be an exception if you want to download songs from Spotify at all. If you want to turn off the suggested songs on Spotify on your phone, you need to follow these steps. These steps are easy. If you want to download songs legally, there are tons of other official sources of free music that you can download, including Amazon, Google Play, and Last. Anyway, my son went into the settings under extensions and was able to turn off the annoying songs they had added to the list.

You’ve noticed that when you open the Spotify app, the suggested songs automatically appear in the free app, which is why the number of games and shares is increased. Yes, I just want to listen to one song, so I add it to a playlist to AVOID the shuffle playing**beep**, but then you suggest songs and ruin it.