The long lost contrib project wxWindmill has been updated, retooled and broken off into it’s own project. The interface adds that piece of the workflow that many of you have been asking for in order to avoid running everything from the command line.

Currently wxWindmill is supporting the following features:

  • Running test files, and test directories
  • Loading test files, and test directories
  • Launching Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer
  • Killing the open Windmill test browser instances
  • Clearing the Test Queue
  • A built in Python Shell
  • A scoped Python Shell to Windmill
  • A fun little GUI to complete your test development experience…

I know there are many other features that people would like to see here, there is a component in trac ‘service-wxui’ that you can assign feature requests and bugs.

wxWindmill UI

To setup wxWindmill, pull down the Windmill trunk:
cd windmill/trunk/contrib/wxwindmill
python develop

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