Windmill 1.3 is the final release before we make some pretty major changes including: auto-waiting, improving running speed, proxy speed, and the addition of full flash integration.

If you rely at all on the speed that Windmill runs tests, then this is your last guaranteed change free release.

However, we have done a lot of work to make this a great release:


  • JQuery Selector Support
  • Stability updates for Windows
  • Moving all the deps into the Windmill tree, for easier installation
  • Show controller method, for hi-lighting the DOM in your tests
  • Improving the logic for JS Test reinjection between page loads
  • Visual improvements
  • Controller method for manually overriding dialogs
  • Updating Firebug for Firefox 3.5 support


  • Assertions and waits no longer scroll the page
  • Fixing bugs with loading user extensions
  • Wait for page load no longer fails tests, as your following action will do that if needed
  • Increasing Firefox script timeout for large typing scripts
  • Running Windmill on Windows Vista
  • AssertText issues
  • Rich Text Editor support

And many more!

As always come talk to us if you have issues in #windmill on freenode.

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