We just cut the 1.2 RC5 tonight, with another round of great fixes and enhancements. This release is hugely important because it unleashes the SSL functionality on the world. The large code re-factor under the hood changed the way a lot of things work and we need you to run your tests and let us know what’s broken.

You can download the tarball here, we really appreciate your input!

The kind of things you should keep an eye out for:
– Regressed actions passing in your test
– Excessive output in stdout from the proxy
– Interaction with https sites
– Installation of the SSL cert
– Backwards compatibility with Python 2.4
– All browsers and platforms performing equally

Additionally, if you have the time or interest in running our unit tests on your platform, we have written up those instructions here.

Either log a bug in trac, talk to us in #windmill, or even twitter about your issue.. we look forward to flattening those bugs.


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