So much good stuff landed in Windmill over the last few weeks that we decided to push another major release.

The biggest new features are:

* [django management command]( for running windmill tests ([Jacob]( said the existing django support wasn’t good enough and I agreed so I wrote this during the PyCon Sprints)
* new [nose plugin](
* cygwin support contributed by [Simon Law]( (he went and wrote an implemenation of [winreg for cygwin]( to get this to work).

There were also some really good bug fixes that landed:

* much better unicode handling and serialization (adam)
* fix for POST to foreign domains ([Anthony Lenton](
* continued improvements to click simulation (adam)

The release is [up on PyPI]( and you can install/update with:

$ easy_install -U windmill

For anyone interesting in working **on** windmill we’re having a Sprint in #windmill on tomorrow April 8th, 2008 for pretty much all day. We’re going to be improving the unittests for Windmill itself.

The next planned major release will be 1.2 which will include the much anticipated SSL support, courtesy of some great work being done by Anthony.

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