Another round of productive bug fixes and feature additions have happened over the last few weeks. We are now positioning the project to approach a 1.0 release, which means that our goals for the coming releases is focused on shaking out all those blocker bugs before we push the big milestone.

New Features, since 0.8.0

  • Command line option for changing service port
  • Django Support
  • Forwarding Conditionals
  • Addition of firebug lite support in IDE and Testing Application
  • Fully functional wxWindmill contrib application
  • Enhanced ’smart’ recorder
  • Auto element scroll into view to more closely simulate users
  • Improved IDE user interface
  • Improved frame recursive element look ups for IE

In addition to all the bug fixes, which you can see for yourself in trac.

We are really excited to see the exponential growth and exposure the project has been getting over the past couple weeks, thanks everyone!

Windmill Team

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