Tuesday, ( October 16th ) we pushed out the 0.2 release of Windmill to the eagerly awaiting world of QA.

This release includes many new features and bug fixes:

  • Windmill Unit Tests, for all your future contributors out there to make sure you didn’t break anything!
  • Browser launcher support for Safari and Firefox Linux, no more manual proxy configuration.
  • Lots of performance and stability improvement, say goodbye to those t-box hangs.
  • The assertion explorer tool, now point and click to create your assertions.
  • Javascript tests, write tests in Javascript to test deep down in that app’s source.
  • Commenting in all of the test files, including JSON.
  • Windmill support for testing against localhost
  • Fully functional WIndmill Integrated Development Environment in all the browsers.
  • Controller additions of many wait and assert functions, get better control of your tests.
  • Convenience features including automatically giving you the correct focus when working in the IDE, smarter logic in the DOM Explorer.
  • DOM serialization, you can now pause your tests and get the state of your page on command.
  • Cross domain, frame and window recording and testing
  • And much more…

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