It’s usually a good idea to document cool features you write and tell people about them. I totally forgot about this one, which I wrote during DjangoCon a few months back.

A few years ago I wrote a patch for live server support in Django. The patch fell out of sync with trunk and was picked up a year or so later and substantially improved. But the patch didn’t end up making it in for 1.0  . Luckily the code is simple enough that I was able to use it windmill and add live server support to any Django 1.0 install by dynamically overriding and changing the classes that we need to start and stop a live test server for you django project.

After it’s all said and done this makes it dirt simple to bootstrap windmill tests from your Django unittests, all you need to do is define a single test class along side your other django unittests pointing to the directory of windmill tests you want to run and which browser you want to run them in and windmill’s django support will automatically start a live django server and run your windmill tests against it.

from os import path
from windmill.authoring import djangotest 
class WindmillTests(djangotest.WindmillDjangoUnitTest):
    test_dir = path.join(path.dirname(path.abspath(__file__)), 'windmilltests')
    browser = 'firefox'

This is also all written up on a wiki page along with some of the caveats.

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