It’s true, you’re not a computer expert, but you don’t have to be a computer geek to draw certain conclusions: your PC has become excessively slow! So you’d like to see if the situation can be improved by using some special software. Although miracles can’t be performed and if your computer starts to lose speed due to hardware damage, there’s no way around it, if you want I can suggest you some programs to speed up your PC that you can try to use to cope with the situation.

I’m not promising anything, but considering that it’s worth a try, I don’t see why you shouldn’t try to use one or more of the resources listed below, especially if you consider that they are free programs (or available in a free trial version or in a paid Pro version without any obligation to buy) and quite simple to use, even for those who, like you, don’t have any particular knowledge of new technologies.

In addition, most of the software mentioned are perfectly compatible with all editions of Windows so, regardless of the version of the operating system in use, you should be able to use them without any problems.

Enough talk, though! Let’s roll up our sleeves and see, together, what software you can use to improve the performance of your computer. Sit down in front of your PC, focus on reading this guide and… good luck!


The best ways to speed up a PC are to free up some space from its hard disk, fix errors in the registry and reduce programs set to start automatically with Windows. CCleaner does all of these three things very well and safely. True, the software is mainly known for its function of deleting unnecessary files but it can actually do a lot more than that: disable autorun software on Windows startup, fix errors in the registry, delete duplicate files, uninstall programs and securely delete disks.

How to speed up Windows 10

It is available in three versions: a Free one that includes all of the above functions; a Professional one that costs 19.95 euros and includes additional functions including real-time junk file monitoring and automatic disk cleanup; and one called Professional Plus that costs 39.95 euros, includes all of the functions of the Professional edition and adds to them disk defragmentation, deleted file recovery and analysis of your computer’s hardware components. The choice of which version to use obviously depends on individual needs, but let’s say that, in principle, the free edition of the program can satisfy everyone. For more information on the use of the software, you can read my tutorial on how to download and use CCleaner.

To connect to the CCleaner website and download (and possibly purchase) the program on your computer, click here.

Glary Utilities

Another one of the PC speeding programs that I want to suggest you to consider is Glary Utilities. It is a fantastic collection of tools to optimize your computer for free. With a single click, it allows you to free up space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files from it, repair corrupted shortcuts, disable programs set to run automatically with Windows and clean your registry. As needed, all the various tools available can also be used individually. In short… it’s a real godsend!

Programs to fix PC errors for free

Optionally, there is also a Professional variant (for a fee) which, compared to the Free version, adds features such as automatic maintenance and updating, unlimited company support and complete system cleanup.

To connect to the Glary Utilities website and download (and possibly purchase) the program on your computer, click here.

Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free

Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free is another excellent free suite to speed up your PC. It includes tools to boost the performance of your computer and Internet connection and provides a system performance boost feature that works in real time. The program includes a “1-click” optimization mode and can repair all problems on your PC and optimize your system’s performance completely automatically.

How to clean slow PC for free

It is also available in a Pro version that includes numerous additional features including automatic RAM cleaning with real-time optimization, deep cleaning of the Windows registry, an internet booster feature, automatic update to the latest versions and much more.

To connect to the website of Iobit Advanced SystemCare Free and download (and possibly purchase) the program on your computer click here.

AVG TuneUp

Previously known as TuneUp Utilities and widely appreciated among PC speed-up programs, the software in question was renamed AVG TuneUp after being acquired by the well-known security company AVG. However, the name change has not affected the program’s fame: it continues to accumulate excellent reviews and the favor of users. AVG TuneUp includes a wide range of useful tools to improve the performance of your PC and Internet connection, free up space on your hard disk, repair the registry and increase the battery life of your laptops.

Programs to speed up your PC

The program, it should be noted from the outset, is paid but can be downloaded and used at no cost for a trial period of 30 days. In conjunction with the purchase of the full version of the software are unlocked additional features always useful to optimize and speed up the system.

To go to the AVG TuneUp website and download (and possibly purchase) the program on your computer, click here.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the most famous and efficient registry cleaners for Windows. It allows you to speed up your computer by detecting and removing all the obsolete keys and useless elements in it. It is very easy to use and lets the user know which items can be eliminated without running the risk of undermining the stability of Windows.

Programs to fix PC errors for free

Wise Registry Cleaner is also available in a paid version that includes some advanced features including multi-user cleaning, which is ideal for computers used by more than one person as it allows you to scan and clean the registry for all accounts at once without having to log in each time.

To connect to the Wise Registry Cleaner website and download (and possibly purchase) the program on your computer, click here.

Clean Master

In an article dedicated to what are the best programs for speeding up your PC, it’s practically impossible not to mention Clean Master, the Windows computer version of a well-known app for Android devices (for more info, read my guide on how to free up Android space). As you can easily guess from the name, the software allows you to “lighten up” and, as a result, speed up the use of your PC by removing all the files in your system that are considered obsolete, registry entries of old programs above all.

Programs to clean the registry

The program is free of charge and also features an extremely well-maintained and highly intuitive user interface that makes it very easy to use all available features. With a single click, you can then scan your entire system to immediately find out what elements are weighing it down. When the cleaning is done, a graph is shown that allows you to easily analyze all the operations performed.

To connect to the Clean Master website and download the program to your computer, click here.

Comodo System Utilities

Another of the programs to speed up your PC that I think is worth mentioning is Comodo System Utilities. As the name implies, this is a program created by Comodo, another well-known company engaged in the creation of computer security solutions. It is an all-in-one software that offers users different and interesting functions that are essential for the proper maintenance of the computer.

Programs to clean the registry

The program also integrates a tool for cleaning the registry of invalid entries, duplicate and corrupted items. There are also special features for disk cleanup, forced deletion of programs that you can’t seem to remove and permanent deletion of data so that they are virtually unrecoverable. Also of particular interest is the feature that allows you to easily manage which programs and services to load at Windows startup and which not.

To connect to the Comodo System Utilities website and download the program to your computer click here.

Other solutions

The programs to speed up your PC that I have proposed in the previous lines have not been able to attract your attention in a particular way? Would you like to know more solutions to increase the performance of your computer? Then I can not do anything else but recommend you to read my article on how to speed up your slow computer in which, in fact, I have provided to suggest all those measures (even at the hardware level) and those operations that can be useful to perform to cope with the occurrence of a situation of this type.

How to speed up slow computer

In the article you will also find indicated other programs that can be useful and scattered advices about eventual antivirus software to use in order to preserve the security of the system and to avoid that eventual computer threats can weigh on the performance of the OS.

For completeness of information, I signal you also my post on the programs to optimize Windows and that dedicated to the programs to increase the performance of the PC. I recommend that you at least take a look!

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