I just pushed the latest bugfix release to the cheeseshop.

This release fixes some new Leopard compatibility problems.

  • The TMPDIR environment variable changed dramatically which conflicted with a workaround we had for a perceived bug in firefox profile handling. We removed the workaround and everything works.
  • Leopard put the networksetup binary in /usr/sbin, which is a great thing because it’s fairly useful and it took us forever to find it hidden inside CoreServices/ARDAgent.app . Updated our settings to find the new binary when the os version is 10.5 or greater.
  • Unfortunately networksetup -listnetworkserviceorder is broken in Leopard. I logged a bug with apple Problem ID: 5563663. In the mean time I replaced the service name resolution code with something that works without using networksetup -listnetworkserviceorder and runs Tiger and Leopard.

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