I’m getting all packed up and leaving Sunday for [EuroPython](http://www.europython.eu/) in Birmingham, UK.

This will be my first time at EuroPython and my first time in Europe!

I’ll be giving two talks, one on [Windmill](http://www.getwindmill.com) and one about [CouchDB](http://couchdb.apache.org/) and Python. The Windmill talk will be more or less the talk that I gave at [Open Source Bridge](http://opensourcebridge.org/) last week, which went very well. This is the first time I’ll be talking about CouchDB, the most exciting new technology on the web. The talk will mostly be about breaking our old data modeling habits that we developed to deal with SQL and what libraries and tools are available for interacting with CouchDB in Python.

I will also be in London for a few extra days after the conference so anyone interested in a meetup should ping me.

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