Windmill 1.4 Released | Windmill Testing Framework

After a year of moving the project to GitHub, changing jobs, moving to San Francisco and 4 beta releases, Windmill 1.4 is finally up on PYPI.

You may be asking, what in this release could be so awesome that it took a whole year+.. well the answer is, LOTS.

The major things that come to mind involve, automatically waiting for actions, dropping your unnecessary failure cases running in CI. We have also had major contributions to the Django integration code, the addition of Google Chrome on three platforms, and insane amounts of bug fixes you should checkout here.

Having delayed an insane amount of time in getting this out, I have to apologize that I haven’t had a chance to tackle the Win 7 Safari and Chrome issues, but they are next on the list (would love a contributions on this one).

Another big issue is that right click is still not working properly on IE, I spent an afternoon of Googling and if anyone has ideas on how to fire this correctly in JavaScript — please let me know.

I have really enjoyed working with all of you out there in the community, thanks for your continuing participation and the last year of patience!


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