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With every business, there is always the struggle to get enough quality traffic through their website and convert it into sales. In fact, you could very well feel that you had done everything that you possibly ever could.

However, on closer inspection, there is likely to be an odd point missed or a bit of tweaking that can be done, which could prove to be highly productive. So, it may be worth a second look at what you are doing and increasing or changing it to see if it gains any additional momentum.

#1 Getting your SEO right

SEO is one of the best methods of gaining extra traffic to your website. However, whether or not it is worthwhile will depend on the execution. For instance, carrying out SEO yourself, if you know very little about it, will undoubtedly take time and effort and more likely than not turn out to be wasted money as the results that you will get will be poor.

However, opting to use the services of a professional SEO agency such as clickintelligence.com could have the reverse results. This is because they know all the different methods that will need to be used and have heaps of experience due to working with various different businesses week in and week out.

Easy Solutions to Get More Traffic to Your Website

#2 Use PPC advertising techniques

This can also be true of using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. For this to be highly beneficial and generate sales, you are going to have to have your advert shown to the right audience. Showing your adverts to those that are not interested is not going to prove beneficial on anyone’s part. You will therefore need to enlist the help and advice of an expert in order to generate the leads that you want.

#3 Take advantage of social media

Social media has been proven to help with increasing online visibility, engaging with interested parties, and therefore generating more traffic to your website. You can write posts about your products and services or create advertisements yourself. However, you may find that posting some informative literature or reasons behind your business or the products that you offer is just as beneficial and are more likely to get read and stimulate interest.

You will need to place links either within the text or at either end that contain your web address. This is so that those interested can click straight through rather than breaking their train of thought to find your business via search engines – which may not get done or may get forgotten about.

If you are having trouble in this particular area, then you could turn to the services of a social media influencer who already has connections with people within your desired niche. If they like your products, or you make it worth their while, they may choose to showcase your products and gain you good quality traffic to your website.

#4 Explore regional Radio opportunities

Radio is still very prominent in some people’s lives, and it is important not to overlook that. Using this very valuable tool to get your business known and your products talked about can be a very good idea. You should also take into account that some DJs have dedicated niches and followings. Whether you are choosing to place advertisements or actually talk about your personal story, business, products, or mission behind what you are doing, it can encourage potential customers to seek your business out.

Of course, when you are thinking about radio advertisements, you will be moving towards those commercial channels that rely on money for playing commercials within their shows. Although there are a lot of these to choose from, seeking out those that have to pay listeners also could help your advertisements hit the right groups of people and therefore gain you more quality traffic.

#5 Start your own podcast or be a guest on other people’s

If you have a lot to say and, just as importantly, think a lot of people will be interested, you join the thousands of people who start their own podcasts. You won’t need much by way of professional equipment, but you will need recording software and a podcast hosting provider. Undoubtedly, continuously talking about your business or your products will soon get boring for you and your listeners, so you will have to think of things that you can talk about that are also within your niche market.

If this seems like too much extra work to run alongside your business, you have the option of either hiring someone to do the podcast for you or opting to be the guest on someone else’s show. In this, it is up to you to find the right host and convince them why they should provide you with a few minutes of their airtime.

#6 Try your hand at old-school advertising

Using old-school methods of advertising in order to drive traffic to your website is a very good idea, and there are various different avenues to try.

Printing leaflets or hanging posters

This is an expensive way of getting attention, and it is possible your money and effort are going to be wasted as they will just land in the trash can. However, you may find that there is more interest brought to your website than you previously thought. Costs can be kept down by choosing black and white over color prints (although the color will make your prints more eye-catching), and you can go for a lower grade of paper rather than the thick glossy type that is usually used in these cases.

Newspapers and magazine articles

There is an upside to using newspapers and magazines that were not around a few short decades ago, and that is the point that most of these publications also have online versions. This means that you will not just feature in the hard copies but also those that are viewed online, therefore, increasing your chances of gaining more traffic to your website.

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