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The iGaming industry is constantly evolving with new innovations every time. It is one of the secrets behind its growth and widespread popularity. Companies and service providers, in collaboration with software developers, are creating ideas that keep the industry relevant. Games, payment methods, bonus offers, security, and customer service are always updated to meet needs at every point.

Game offerings are the most revolutionized aspect of online casinos. As new gaming platforms are emerging, they are ensuring to add new features that compel players to try out the titles. In recent times, the best online casinos for Canadians are updating their portfolio with modern slots. This makes them the go-to websites if you want to enjoy a new gaming experience.

Modern Slots Innovative Features

Innovative Features In Slot Machines

If you have at any time engaged, then new kinds of slots you will realize are now different from what the traditional version used to look like. You are likely to agree that the low deposit casinos are not the only spectacular idea in the industry. There are equally excellent features integrated into slot games on these platforms, which make them more interesting and rewarding. Some of the innovations are highlighted below:

Cascading Reels

This is one of the latest and trendy features in slot games. It has different names, such as collapsing reels, tumbles, avalanches, rolling reels, and symbol drops. The feature works by removing matching symbols that produce winning combinations at a time. It then leaves spaces at the spot allowing the ones above to fall into the vacuum, making room for the introduction of new symbols.

One of the advantages of cascading reel is that it may lead to a new payout, as there is a possibility of landing another matching symbol during the replacement. It also makes the game more fun and entertaining. Popular titles with this feature are Davinci Diamond by IGT, Vaults of Anubis by Red Tiger Gaming, and Crystal Quest by Thinderkick.

Expanding Reels

What is common in slot machines is that 3 or 4 columns accompany 5 or 6 reels. However, with expanding version, you have a different thing to experience. This innovative feature makes it possible for the reel to expand during the game. The player will just notice there is an expansion, and additional rows and symbols are added for a while, and then it returns back to the default state.

This feature is mostly active in bonus rounds but may also be part of the main game too. It makes room for new winning combinations, thereby creating additional ways to win. Popular titles integrating expanding reels are Wins of Fortune by Quickspin and The Grand Galore by Elk Studio.

Cluster Pay

A lot of players are worried about the probability of landing a win through the regular pay lines mechanics. As a result, developers came up with the idea of Cluster pay which introduces an entirely new winning way. This feature triggers a win when a group of matching symbols appears regardless of positions on the reel.

Games with this feature always have grid formation, which enhances the possibility of symbols appearing in groups. The minimum number in a group to win may be 4 or 5, and the maximum may be as high as 20. In most cases, the payout depends on the number of elements in the cluster. Popular titles that integrate it are Aloha and Street Fighter by NetEnt.

Gamble Feature

Already, playing on a slot machine is known as gambling, but it is a different ball game entirely when you have the gamble feature in your title. This idea is solely an attempt to create more risks in the gaming experience. It is an option where a player decides to risk a part of their winning on a simple red or black and high or low bonus round.

When you win the extra game, you get your payout multiplied by a predefined size or risk losing it when you lose the game. Anytime you use this option, you should play with a percentage of your payout instead of the entire amount. Most newly developed titles integrate it to help players double their rewards.

Sticky or Locked Wilds

In a normal slot machine, wilds are known for their ability to replace other types of symbols on the reel. This may result in a payout if the replacement leads to a winning combination. However, the sticky wild feature is developed to make these symbols locked to a position for a particular time frame.

As more of these lockable wilds appear, you stand a chance of growing your potential cash payout. They are also good for triggering winning combinations because of their ability to transform into the desired symbols. Popular titles with this option are Ancient Warriors by Microgaming, Dead or Alive II by NetEnt, and Egyptian Emeralds by Playtech.

Final Words

One of the beauties of slot games is the ability to integrate different features. Developers are also taking good advantage of this by creating innovative ideas that make the game more interesting and rewarding. The above-mentioned options are the latest features you might find in your modern slots leading to a more exciting gaming experience.

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