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Everything needs a shield from evil. Even humans do too. That is why most of us believe in a third power. Praying for our protection. But electronic devices like computers and mobile phones cannot pray to external power to protect them. We, like their owners, must do the job. So, it is necessary to be precautious and install the required shields for any devices.

These shields would prevent the malfunctioning of devices due to virus attacks. Its main function is to scan every data that enters for any malicious contents and immediately block it, almost like a soldier’s armor. Preventing any sharp things from piercing right into them.

What Can Attack Your Device?

Before installing shields, we must know what can attack your device. This is important to install the right kind of shield for your device. That being said, there is not just one thing that can attack your device. There are a number of them. The common conception is that a virus can only attack your PC. But this is not true. It is also possible for your smartphones to catch such viruses.

The virus is common knowledge, though. What else can affect your devices? Malware. Malware is the other attacker on your devices. Once the malware has attacked your system, it is nearly impossible to restore your system. The most common and dangerous malware is ransomware.

Before we decide to do something about this, we should know how they get into our devices in the first place.

How Do Malware And Virus Enter Your Device?

Malware and virus have various pathways to your device and directly to your hardware. The most infamous method is entering through user error. If you see your device, PC or smartphone, display a user error on your screen out of nowhere, then this is a clear sign of something. The user error is displayed due to cybercriminals hacking our devices through phishing and basic engineering scams.

A lot of these viruses enter through malicious websites as well. Some websites are built with the virus by these cybercriminals. As soon as you enter into the website, with no web shield, it attacks your device software and damages it beyond repair. These are normally done to retain your personal information from PCs and smartphones.

Ransomware, however, is disguised as an application on your play store. You would often receive messages saying to download a particular application and win a lump sum amount as cashback. Ever wondered why they would give us cash for downloading their application? Well, maybe to buy a new device. 

Now that we know how they enter let us see what they do to our devices.

What Damage Can They Cause?

If you are getting the virus from a website, then it may affect your internal storage. It would lock up your system files and would deny any access to them. All the sensitive information, including the well-protected zip files, would be stolen. The device you receive after this attack is as good as a brand new one. 

The stolen data may be used for identity theft or other such activities. 

This is not the only harm they can cause to your device. Sometimes, the malware is such that it locks up your device instead of just your system file. This may prove more dangerous as we don’t know the kind of data it is retrieving. Not anything good for sure.

How To Protect Your Device Against Them?

Shields are what protects or shields your devices against such intruders. The basic one being firewall protection. This is an advanced shield in itself, rarely allowing any threat to pass through. There is also a file shield. This would deny access to your file system for any external device or intruder. So, your data would not be stolen, and neither would you receive a ‘user error’ message.

Despite all these, why would one require a web shield? Yes, breaking through the shields, as mentioned earlier, are difficult. But they are not impossible. It is still possible for certain virus and malware to still enter your device and damage it. To prevent such mishaps advanced web shield is required. 

The basic function of a web shield is to ensure that the websites are not leeching on your personal information. This is an important shield for such reason. If you willingly give your information to a website, the web shield ensures that it is a protected and verified site. Thus, your personal information only remains with the one you shared with.

What Is The Need For An Advanced Web Shield?

To know the need for an advanced web shield, one must know what it does. The functions of the advanced shield are all the functions of the normal one, along with special features. It protects you from malicious sites, blocks information from transferring to unverified sites, and shields your data from external threats. This is all true. 

Additionally, one can add specific resources to be protected as well. This would have an advanced shield placed around the required data alone. The data would appear hidden to any intruding websites. 

An important thing to notice here is that the working of the advanced web shield would depend on your working ethics with web applications. It would also vary with the instance and the type of instance you use. So make sure to download the right shield for the right instance. There are many advancements to find the right advanced shield for your instance.

After all, with technology increasing day by day, everything comes is on your fingertips. 

Another interesting fact is that these shields also help from monthly costs. It reduces the cost spike for the usage of websites. So, it saves not only your device but also your money. The double deal is starting to look tempting now. 

But remember, your devices may seem to function just fine without any protection. It is better to be precautious than regretful. So get the right kind of shields for your devices now and protect them from any mishaps.

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